idutch adds serious value.

Here's how

idutch adds serious value.

Here's how

Proprietary smart-matching Fintech

Idutch has developed Proprietary Smart-Matching Fintech that is revolutionising the non-bank lending environment. It does so through a combination of detailed lender data and an advanced algorithm that accurately matches deals with the best suited non-bank lenders.

The tech that idutch utilises is constantly updated and refined, to always ensure that its outcomes are of the highest and most relevant quality. Whilst our tech is crucial to the idutch model, our true strength comes in our intimate relationships with our non-bank lender panel members. There are certain lender qualities that can’t be simply reduced to data and our algorithm accounts for this.

For example, a lender might have a maximum residential LVR covenant in Sydney Metro areas of 65%, but our algorithm is able to determine that if the property is in Eastern Suburbs that same lender will extend that LVR to 75% in special cases.

Non-bank lending marketplace

By bringing borrowers and non-bank lenders together in one place, idutch creates a competitive marketplace that is conducive to lower interest rate results.

This marketplace is hosted and fostered on the intuitive and easy-to-use idutch platform, encouraging efficiency in a timely outcome for borrowers and lenders alike.

The marketplace is active and dynamic, always adapting to new borrower deals and changing lender appetites. Matched lenders are engaged as soon as a match is found and hence there is constant activity on any deals submitted. This allows borrowers to rest assured in knowing that their deal is always being moved closer toward the best rate.

Dutch auctions

This is arguably the most critical part of the idutch process, where a matched deal is auctioned. By the time the auction has come around, a number of matched lenders have already been reduced by eliminating those with the higher opening bids. Learn more about this process here.

During the auction period, borrowers and lenders alike have access to live pricing updates. Borrowers watch in real-time through the idutch portal as the interest rate reduces until the end of the auction time. At the end, the bidder with the lowest rate wins the business. The entire auction process is conducted in a blind manner, meaning the non-bank lenders aren’t aware of the identity of who they are bidding against. This is to address any concerns around potential price-fixing or collusion, and it also creates a genuine fear of missing out with the non-bank lenders.