Why our lenders love us?

Simply put, the lenders on our panel love idutch because it gives them constant access to high-quality deals that have had all the hard work done on them already. Prior to showing any deals to our lenders, idutch is prudent in vetting the client and obtaining all the necessary information that a lender needs to make an offer.

The deal is served up on a silver-platter, allowing lenders the opportunity not to waste valuable resources to assess if the deal stacks up or not. 

idutch also offers lenders an easy-to-use portal with all the deals they are interested in located in one centralised place.

The process as a lender?

  1. Apply
  2. Onboarding and lender verification
  3. Get approval
  4. Access your portal where you can see high-level details of all deals where you can confirm your interest. Lenders can also access “My Deals” which record your matched deals (deals you have shown interest in and have matched with)

Constant flow of deals will come in, and you’ll have an opportunity to confirm your interest in the first 24 hours of being matched. You’ll then put your best rate forward blind.

There are two types of deals on the idutch platform – qualified deals and premium deals.

Qualified deals:

In the case of a normal deal, once you have submitted a bid you will wait between 48-72 hours to see if your bid is the best of the matched lenders. If it is, you have won the deal and proceed with financing.

Premium deals:

The top contenders who have offered the best rates for premium deals are progressed to the final stage which is the dutch auction. In this stage, lenders will then have 24 hours to continuously bid against each other for a deal until a final rate is established at the end of the auction. Whichever lender has offered the lowest rate has won the auction and must proceed with funding.