Orange is the new debt.

Orange is the new debt.

Where non-bank/private deals are intelligently matched and auctioned

The three pillars of idutch

Proprietary Smart-Matching Fintech

Our advanced algorithm matches your deal with the most suitable non-bank lender

Non-Bank lending marketplace

Where borrower deals meet non-bank lender funds

Dutch Auctions

Trusted non-bank lenders fight against each other for your deal by bidding down on rates

The idutch process


Deal Entered

Deal details are entered by the Borrower


Deal Matched

Using our Proprietary Smart-Matching Fintech, the most suitable non-bank lenders are precisely matched to your deal


Blind Bid

The matched non-bank lenders each submit their first round bid submission for your deal



The most competitive blind bidders progress through to the idutch auction, with the other bidders eliminated



In a fight for your business, finalists bid down against each other on rate over a fixed time period (usually 48 hours)


Winning Rate

The bidder with the lowest rate wins your business

So, what's the deal...

The idutch panel of hand-picked non-bank lenders offer a range of lending solutions to cater to different borrower requirements and deal scenarios, for deals starting at $1M – $100M+
  • First Mortgage
  • Construction
  • Second Mortgage
First MortgageConstructionSecond Mortgage
Commercial / Industrial / Retail
Land Bank (DA Approved)
Vacant Land (No DA)
Rural / Regional
Specialised AssetsCase-by-caseCase-by-caseCase-by-case
Apply NowApply NowApply Now

idutch also has the ability to source stretch senior debt, caveat loans and preferred/ordinary equity. To learn more about our lenders, click here

Bank or Non-Bank?

Contrary to popular belief, banks and non-banks aren’t mutually exclusive of each other, meaning that non-bank borrowers don’t use non-bank money simply because they “can’t access bank money”. Sure, that’s the case at times, but most of the time borrowers choose non-bank money over bank money because it can offer many advantages over bank money.

Always remember, the true cost of capital is not just about “the rate”. It’s a combination of multiple factors, of which the interest rate is just one.

Sometimes non-bank money is best suited to a given lend, and other times bank money is better suited. Idutch isn’t aiming to convince bank clients to come over to private, idutch is working with property owners and developers who understand that sometimes non-bank money is smarter than bank money.

Learn more about the true difference between banks and non-banks here.

Our Lender Portal

When you submit a deal, it goes through to our smart-matching lender portal, where accredited lenders get the opportunity to see the high level metrics of all live deals on our platform.

Our proprietary smart-matching fintech then sorts out which lenders are suitable for each deal, allowing each lender to see their matched deals in the “My Deals” section of the portal.

Here, they can register their interest and enter the data room to access any additional information they need to submit their first bid.

idutch does all the hard work behind the scenes to ensure your deal is palatable to matched lenders, so they can easily and quickly gather everything they need to submit a formal bid.